Minnesota BHA

Minnesota BHA at the North Country Icebreaker this past weekend.

Our Minnesota BHA chapter hit the ground running in 2023! 

The MN BHA Chapter worked for months to bring together the First Annual North Country Icebreaker. They brought members from all over the Midwest and as far as Montana, Colorado, and California to ice fish, darkhouse spear, and share wild game and camaraderie despite the sub-zero temperatures. But that’s what it's all about: sharing a phenomenal experience on public (hard)water in the face of adversity, and the Minnesota Chapter embodied that to its core. Attendees left not cold, but burning with that BHA fire to protect and fight for our public lands and waters that will last long after the snow melts.

The Chapter also attended the Minnesota DNR Roundtable in January to discuss policy and advocacy with the agency and other conservation organizations. They used that info and networking to build a chapter plan for 2023 that will highlight them as a leader on conservation projects and issues within their state.

Finally, MN BHA testified in support of HF 389, which would allocate a larger percentage of lottery funds to natural resource projects. Not glamorous, but important work that could have huge benefits for our wild places.

2023 is poised to be a big year, and Minnesota BHA will have lots of opportunities to get engaged. Keep up with the chapter and get involved!

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