Minnesota BHA attends BWCA Public Meeting in Duluth



The Minnesota Chapter of BHA was well represented at the recent public meeting where the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management listened to public comments concerning the land withdrawal of lands from mining near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

MN Co-Chair Erik Jensen pictured above spoke at the rally preceding the hearing which was hosted by Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters and Save the Boundary Waters. Additionally, during the public meeting with over 1,000 in attendance and only time for 55 individuals to speak BHA was well represented with 5 BHA members having the opportunity to speak the USFS and BLM as well make our presence and organization known to those in attendance.

The USFS also recently announced a 120-day extension to the public comment period. While having our voices heard in person is great, every voice is important and you can let your voice be heard by using this FORM and submitting your comments to the USFS and letting them know that 1.1 million acres of pristine fresh water and untouched forests are worth protecting now and for future generations.

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About Minnesota BHA Chapter

Minnesota BHA seeks to ensure our North American heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting on wild, public lands and waters through education, advocacy, and boots on the ground work.