Mike Hawkridge – BC BHA Director

mike hawkridge

Mike Hawkridge was born and raised in a remote area of central British Columbia. Hunting and fishing were always very much apart of everyday life. Having been raised in a wilderness setting, Mike finds freedom and quiet in some of BC's most wild locations. Growing up, Mike's hero’s included Pan Phillips and Rich Hobson, of “Grass Beyond the Mountains” fame, two of the toughest cowboy/guides that ever rode the range. Not long after finishing his schooling, Mike began to pursue that very same lifestyle. For many years, Mike and his wife Karen operated some of the most remote ranches and guide areas in BC. When the kids, Mason and Brock, got old enough to go to school, it was time to move a bit closer to town.

Today, Mike and his family live on a horse and cattle ranch about a 45 minute drive from the small town of Quesnel, BC. Mike is the owner/guide outfitter for Big Country Outfitters, an outfit dedicated to making outdoor adventure dreams a reality. Mike is also the owner/instructor for Big Country Guide Training, a training program with a focus on putting skilled and knowledgeable big game guides in the backcountry. Mike is passionate about helping people get out and live their wilderness dreams, whether as a guide or as a client. Each year Mike spends about 150 days in the backcountry and although it is a challenge to balance his family/ranching life, Karen and the kids are now able to spend more time out with him. Spending a week with Mike in the wilderness is not something anyone will ever forget. Mike wants to do his part to ensure the backcountry remains wild and untamed, and out there for anyone with an adventurous wild side.

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