Matt Kenna, Vice Chair - Finance

Matt Kenna 2Although too modest to admit it, CO BHA Vice Chair Matt Kenna is among the top attorneys in America specializing in public-lands conservation issues. Matt, his wife Janet, and their two sons live in Durango, Colorado, where he has practiced law since 1992, defending the wild places we all love, and increasingly need, to enjoy traditional-values hunting and angling.

A native New Englander, Matt fell in love with the West when he worked as a seasonal ranger for the BLM at Grand Gulch in southeast Utah during the '80s. An avid foot-powered elk hunter, Matt also plays a mean blues harp and is an expert skier. Until recently, for three generations, the Kenna family owned and operated Marlin Firearms, Matt's grandfather having bought the famous lever-action sporting arms manufacturer during the depression for $100 down and a large mortgage. "I’ve always seen hunting and conservation as two fingers of the same hand" says Matt, "I feel privileged to be able to promote those twin goals as Vice Chair of CO BHA." To contact the Colorado Board, send us an email here [email protected].

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