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Voice your opposition to MDWFP's proposed rule seeking to ban hunting access on 40+ Acres of Malmaison WMA!


Mississippi's Malmaison WMA is a state wildlife management area in the North Delta region of the state. This roughly 9,483 acre piece of property contains a mix of habitat as it sits right at the intersection of the loess hills and the Yalobusha and Mississippi River floodplains. This WMA is known for its abundance of wildlife, including waterfowl.

The McIntyre Scatters section of Malmaison is mostly known for its waterfowl hunting. There is a current proposal to restrict hunting within this section. 
  1. This proposal was brought forth on behalf of a private hunting club, Leflore County Hunting and Fishing.
  2.  If the proposed rule goes through, hunters would not be able to hunt within 100 yards of the westernmost border of Malmaison WMA.
  3. This would effectively eliminate hunting on 40 plus acres of this already small parcel of the management area. 
We in the Southeast Chapter believe hunters should be able to hunt all legal portions of the management area without distance restrictions. This proposal takes away hunting opportunities, crowds hunters into a smaller area, and could set a dangerous precedent for other management areas.
If you would like to comment on this issue, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks has a form with which to do so. Please follow this link to make your public comments.
If you would like to read the proposed regulations, they can be found at the link below.

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