Maintaining Solitude

We believe that hunting and fishing are inherently silent pursuits. In the field, loud noises should be made sparingly and intentionally – the shriek of an elk bugle, the report of a rifle shot, the war whoop of a large fish brought to hand. The incessant whine of internal combustion is not among those.


We live by the ethic of hunting and fishing on foot – or on horseback, raft, canoe or bike. Of course you have to get to the trailhead or the bridge, but that is where the motor should go silent. Large tracts of our public lands are designated for non-motorized use and for good reason: ATVs are scientifically proven to affect animal movements. They also diminish the experience for everyone else in the woods.

We support responsible ATV use and, as an organization, try to thank those who practice it. Some of our members have started hanging notes and BHA bottle-openers on ATVs legally parked at trailheads to express that appreciation. But in the vast, un-enforced expanses of our national forests and fields, there are often those who abuse their privileges. ATVs can act as shockingly destructive forces in such hands. That is why we offer a hefty monetary reward to anyone who reports ATV abuse that leads to a conviction. Time in the woods is too sacred to be polluted by noise.


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