LWCF important to hunters, anglers and the economy of Pennsylvania

For over 50 years the Land and Water Conservation Fund has helped ensure outdoorsmen and women have access to public lands to hunt and fish.

LWCF does not use taxpayer dollars but is instead supported by earnings from offshore oil and gas leases in public ocean waters.  The fund provides matching grants to state and local governments which supports the acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation opportunities.

Unfortunately, this essential program will expire in September 30, 2018 unless Congress acts. If the LWCF disappears so do millions of dollars critical to improving access for sportsmen and women and other outdoor recreationists throughout Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has contributed more than $309 million to protect and expand hunting and fishing access, open spaces, recreational facilities, historic sites and battlefields.

Pennsylvania’s $29.1 billion outdoor recreation industry is an economic powerhouse - supporting 251,000 jobs which generate $8.6 billion in wages and salaries and produces $1.9 billion annually in state and local tax revenue. LWCF is a primary driver of land and water resources that support the outdoor recreation economy.

To continue improving hunting and fishing access and other outdoor recreation opportunities in the Keystone State, we need LWCF now and into the future. Please take action to help #SaveLWCF.

Learn about LWCF-funded projects in your county here: http://bit.ly/LWCFLIST

Take Action Today, go to: http://bit.ly/BHALWCF to quickly send a letter to your members of Congress before September 30.

Learn more and share your own messages on social media with the hashtag #SaveLWCF

For more LWCF support ideas, contact BHA Regional Manager Chris Hennessey at [email protected]

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