LETTER: Montana BHA supports the Hannah Ranch Conservation Easement

Montana BHA encourages you to learn more about this project and submit your own comments in support. The deadline is February 22nd. And if you'd like to see more projects like this funded in the future, be sure to take action to defend Habitat Montana.

February 16, 2023


Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
c/o Hannah Ranch Conservation Easement Proposal
PO Box 938,
Lewistown, MT 59457
[email protected]


Re: Hannah Ranch Conservation Easement 


Ms. Andersen -


On behalf of roughly 3,000 dues-paying members of the Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, please consider the comments below in support of the Hannah Ranch Conservation Easement proposal. 


Our members value wild places, public access, wildlife habitat, and the hunting and fishing opportunities these things provide. It should come as no surprise that we are excited about this new conservation easement being proposed on the western slope of the Big Snowies -- one of the most elk-rich and access-poor areas in the state.


The Scoping Notice prepared by the Department highlights the importance of striking a balance between existing agricultural operations and public access. Easements such as this one help retain Montana’s character of undeveloped places while keeping family ranches intact. The terms of the easement seem reasonable and fair. As sportsmen, this is how we’d like to see our dollars spent.


The easement would open 3,800 deeded acres along with additional public access to USFS lands where access is currently limited. This is a great value-add for the public.


We wish to express our gratitude to the owners of the property along with those, including FWP, who are working hard and doing their due diligence to see this easement come to fruition. It’s projects like this that make us proud to advocate for what makes Montana the special place it is today – and will be in perpetuity – thanks to forward-thinking measures such as this.


The Hannah Ranch Conservation Easement speaks to all things Montana BHA cares deeply about and we offer our full support to move this forward. Please do not hesitate to reach out for additional support. 




Doug Krings, Lewistown, MT

Regional Board Member

Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

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