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Texas BHA is united by a passion to safeguard the public lands that support our hunting and angling traditions and enrich our lives. We invite you to become a part of our team and help us grow the Texas chapter together. 

Board Positions

The application period for the Texas BHA board is now closed. In the coming weeks we will be reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and selecting new board members. Stay tuned!


Chapter Chair - Executive Board

The Chair is the senior volunteer leader and shall act as chapter leader of TX BHA. The Chair will maintain a collaborative and transparent working relationship between the chapter, BHA HQ and the Southwest Chapter Coordinator. The Chair will work with other executive board members to appoint committees and assign special positions as needed; exercise general supervision over the activities of the chapter including policy initiatives, community outreach and event planning, conservation projects and chapter communications; and preside at meetings of the chapter. The Chair will also facilitate an annual strategic planning meeting(s) for volunteer leadership and BHA staff to outline the best way to carry out the policies and objectives of the chapter and larger organization.

The ideal chapter chair candidate has the ability to lead, motivate and organize a geographically dispersed team of volunteer leaders, possesses extensive knowledge of hunting and wildlife management policy in Texas, and has the ability to represent TX BHA in a professional manner to the media, partner organizations, and the public.

The Chapter Chair has voting privileges and a term of 2 years.

Weekly time commitment: 3-4 hours plus monthly board calls


Vice Chair - Executive Board

The Vice Chair is the secondary volunteer leader of TX BHA and as such, discharges the duties of the Chair as required in the Chairman's absence. The Vice Chair’s focus should be on ensuring smooth day-to-day chapter operations. They are the nucleus of the cell and act as a team manager, ensuring that board members are following through with agreed upon plans and tasks and facilitating transparent communication. The Vice Chairs shared responsibilities with the Chair include; appointing committees and assigning special positions as needed; providing support for community outreach, event planning, policy work, conservation projects and chapter communications; and presiding at meetings of the chapter in the Chairs absence.

The Vice Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 2 years. 

Weekly time commitment: 3-4 hours plus monthly board calls


Treasurer - Executive Board

The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all TX BHA funds received and disbursed, in accordance with the policies and protocols of BHA HQ. They shall submit financial reports and volunteer hours reports as required by our 501(c)3 restrictions. They will ensure the accuracy and availability of this information to board members and BHA staff for operations, planning and decision-making purposes. The Treasurer is tasked with completing an event spreadsheet after each event or fundraiser, ensuring cash funds are deposited promptly, and reviewing invoices and reports in a timely manner to facilitate payouts from HQ. This position will receive training and support from BHA staff and the current TX BHA Treasurer to ensure they have the tools they need. 

The Treasurer has board voting privileges and a term of 2 years. 

Weekly time commitment: 1-2 hours depending on event schedule, plus monthly board calls


Policy Chair - Executive Board

The Policy Chair will lead the board’s development of policy and grassroots engagement in order to advance support for wildlife, habitat, access, sportsmen’s ethics and public education. The Policy Chair will keep TX BHA board members and the SW Chapter Coordinator informed on all relevant policy issues so they can effectively determine which issues to engage on and what action to take. The Policy Chair will also work with the SW Chapter Coordinator and Chapter Chair to ensure all policy initiatives are in line with BHA HQ’s priorities and statements. They may assign chapter leaders as point people for certain issues, attend Game Commission meetings, participate in coalitions and engage with the legislature and elected officials on behalf of TX BHA. They are also tasked with drafting the majority of policy related communications including eblasts, policy statements, LTE’s and Action Alerts and working with communications volunteers and the SW Chapter Coordinator to distribute these materials to members, supporters and the public.

The Policy Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 2 years. 

Weekly time commitment: 3-4 hours plus monthly board calls


R3 Chair - Executive Board

The R3 Chair will help develop and execute a Hunter Recruitment Program that provides opportunities for adult, first-time hunters to experience a mentored hunt that will provide instruction in firearm use and safety, knowledge of wildlife habits and habitat, hunting methods and strategies, and care of harvested game from field to table. This role will require close collaboration with the TX BHA Chapter Chair, the BHA R3 Coordinator and partner organizations like TPWD and the Texas Wildlife Association personnel involved in their Youth Hunter Recruitment Program. Outreach to landowners and potential program participants is also a key component of developing this program. There will likely be logistical, financial, and other unforeseen challenges associated with developing this program, and so patience, good communication skills, and commitment are a must.

The R3 Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 2 years. 

Weekly time commitment: 3-4 hours depending on scheduled events, plus monthly board calls


Events Chair - Executive Board

The Events Chair is tasked with bolstering TX BHA’s presence and fundraising capacity through unique and engaging events such as film fests, storytelling events, wild game tastings and more. They will ID volunteers, delegate tasks, handle logistics, research and secure venues, and develop partnerships, budgets, pricing structure and promotion details. They will work closely with the TX BHA Board and Public Outreach Committees and, in some cases, the Southwest Chapter Coordinator to see that chapter events run smoothly and help us welcome more hunters and anglers than ever before into the BHA family.

The Events Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 2 years. 

Weekly time commitment: 4-6 hours depending on scheduled events, plus monthly board calls


Board Member at Large - Executive Board

The Board Member at Large position doesn't have a specific set of predetermined tasks but is instead expected to help fill the gaps in leadership needs as we identify them. They should plan to attend all regular meetings of the board, stay up-to-date with board happenings, and support the board and Texas volunteers in meeting chapter and organizational goals. As our new board gels, we may ask the Board Member at Large to contribute in more specific ways to help us be more efficient and productive. The Board Member at Large may also propose to the board how they might best contribute to the team based on their unique skill set. 

The Board Member at Large has board voting privileges and a term of 2 years. 

Weekly time commitment: 2-4 hours depending on special projects, plus monthly board calls


Regional Coordinators - Board 

TX_Region_map.JPGThe Regional Coordinator position is intended to help us increase efficiency, communication and connectedness between the Executive Board and our growing network of on-the-ground volunteers and contacts. The Regional Coordinator is tasked with helping to oversee events, policy issues and work projects in their area in support of the Texas Chapter Chair and Texas BHA chapter goals. They will help volunteers in each region outline plans and budgets that can be shared with the Executive Board for approval. They will be expected to work closely with Executive Board members and the SW Chapter Coordinator (when necessary). Although they are not voting board members, they will be directly tied into board communications and discussions so they have a high level understanding of state operations and can guide their regional volunteers appropriately. 

Regional Coordinators are part of the board, do not have voting privileges, and have a term of 2 years. 

Region 1 - DFW, Lubbock, Amarillo

Region 2 - Austin, San Antonio, Big Bend country, El Paso

Region 3 - Brownsville, Texarkana, Houston, College Station





Lubbock Public Walk-in Access Programvolunteer.png

Lubbock Public Walk-in Access Program: BHA volunteers are needed to help local biologists set up hunter check-in stations and maintain around 11 designated small game sites for the 2020 hunting season by keeping them well-marked and free of trash. These sites provide the public with opportunities to hunt for rabbits, coyotes, quail, doves, sandhill crane, and waterfowl on private lands. Beyond the initial setup required for check-in stations, volunteers can hunt and maintain areas on their own schedule as long as visits are within the open dates for each property. This program is an incredible opportunity to build good will with private land owners and TPWD and help more hunters get in the field. Interested? Contact SW Chapter Coordinator Katie DeLorenzo

Read more about the program here: TX BHA Public Walk-in Access Program


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