Montana BHA Leadership Opportunities

The Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is an entirely volunteer-led effort. You can see a list of current Chapter Leaders here. At times, we have Chapter Leader openings. This page serves to highlight current opportunities with directions on how to apply. 

Current Openings: Region 6 Chapter Leader


MT BHA Chapter Leader Position Description

A Regional Chapter Leader for the Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is a volunteer position that is a significant responsibility and true honor to hold. These volunteers dedicate a large amount of time, energy and personal passion to guide the chapter’s work in the realms of land access, land conservation, hunting quality, fair chase ethics and boots-on-the-ground projects and events.

A Regional Chapter Leader is active in their region’s hunting, angling and conservation communities, and maintains a detailed level of knowledge about local issues impacting public lands, waters, and wildlife. On average, three to five hours per month (and at busy times, maybe even more!) is expected from a Region 6 leader to engage effectively in chapter decisions, host events, attend meetings, work with other entities working to protect our public lands and wildlife estate, research issues, implement communications, educate members, and engage in direct advocacy, among other things.

A Regional Chapter Leader coordinates with the chapter’s officers and the full chapter leadership when determining a course of action on issues and does not act alone on their beliefs when representing MT BHA. If a chapter leader is speaking at a public meeting, writing an op­-ed for a local paper, speaking to a reporter, etc. and they are mentioning BHA and/or BHA issues, they must make sure that they first understand BHA's stance (or lack thereof – sometimes we deliberately aren't taking a position for specific reasons) on that particular issue. If there are any doubts about BHA's position on a particular issue, they contact the chapter coordinator or MT BHA officers for details and clarification.


Each Regional Chapter Leader:

  • Will establish a conservation committee to help consistently focus on and influence regional conservation/hunt/fish/wildlife issues.
  • Will plan and conduct at least one boots-on-the-ground conservation event within their region per year.
  • Will establish a fundraising/events committee to help consistently organize/facilitate events and fundraising efforts.
  • Will plan and conduct at least one fundraising/membership-driven event within their region per year.
  • Will work with the rest of the chapter leadership to incorporate the UM and MSU college clubs into our state chapter’s operation.
  • In that MT BHA holds six (6) official Chapter meetings per year, each Regional Chapter Leader is required to attend a minimum of four (4) official MT BHA Chapter meetings per year: one (1) must be attended in-person and the remaining three (3) may be attended by telephone or live web.



MT BHA chapter leaders maintain a high level of service and integrity in our relationships with chapter members, partner organizations, land management agencies and Montana FWP to foster a culture to continually enhance the effectiveness of BHA programs and to constantly improve the way we conduct all aspects of our organization and our work.

MT BHA chapter leadership should ensure that BHA conservation programs and work projects are guided by sound science, public involvement and decision-making, and based on the best available information from the biological and social sciences.

MT BHA chapter leaders use all financial and other resources entrusted in an efficient and effective manner with full accountability.

MT BHA chapter leaders represent the organization with professionalism and decorum. They are willing to face conflict, and work with opposing views, arriving at mutually beneficial outcomes true to BHA’s core values.

MT BHA chapter leaders exercise confidentiality and discretion in the use of information proprietary to BHA and avoid any conflict of interest.

A violation of the Code of Conduct may result in the removal of the officer or board member by the MT BHA leadership.



To Apply:

Send a resume and a letter of interest outlining your conservation involvement, skillset and familiarity with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and the work we do in Montana. Though not a requirement, strong preference will be given for current members with a track record of engagement with the Montana Chapter of BHA. Please include any relevant experiences - either paid or volunteer - as well.

Please email your application materials to with the subject line “REGION 6 CHAPTER LEADERSHIP APPLICATION." Our regional nominating committee will review applications and get back to you.

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