Larry Fischer: a BHA Hero 1957-2014

larry o fischerThose of us who had the pleasure of knowing Larry Fischer of Boise, Idaho, know that he was a big man with a big heart and big ideas. Larry joined the national board of BHA in 2012 at our first Rendezvous in Missoula, MT. Prior to that time, he was active in the Idaho chapter and was one of our state regional reps and remained so up until his passing.  Larry was a driving force to include more business partners in supporting BHA, both in Idaho and nationally. Larry and his late father, Bernie, were partners in B.A. Fischer Sales Company, a regional wholesale irrigation supply house where his son, Blake, is now in charge.  Those of you who knew Larry know it was almost impossible to say “No” to him: he just wouldn’t accept that answer when he was calling on you for support of a good cause.  Larry and Blake lead the charge for business involvement in our 2013 Rendezvous in Boise, ensuring that the event would be a financial success as well as a chance for like-minded sportsmen and women to meet one another and share ideas and knowledge. 

But Larry’s reach went far beyond Idaho. He was a co-publisher and advertising manager of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine started in 1988 by T.J. Conrads. Larry took his passion for traditional archery on hunts around the US, Canada, Germany and Africa, often in the company of his wife, Belinda. Larry was also a member of Traditional Bowhunters of Montana, Traditional Archers of Oregon, Compton Traditional Bowhunters and was a founding member of Idaho Traditional Bowhunters. But, Larry’s greatest passion was always his family: Belinda, his children Blake, Diana, Jake and Becky and the grandchildren he adored.

During the year BHA had an interim director, Larry was a huge support, lending sage advice to staff and always being available to listen. He made the transition to our new ED a smooth one for all concerned.

Mike Beagle, founder of BHA and President Emeritus has this to say about Larry:  “He brought pragmatism, determination and focus to our board during a crucial time period in our history. Larry’s hard work to garner support from the corporate world has brought BHA to a level of professionalism and growth that has helped launch us into the 21st century. His best qualities were his selfless and friendly demeanor and genuine “can do” spirit.  Larry would go miles out of his way to help people.”

Larry Fischer will be missed by all who knew him and those who knew him have been blessed by his presence. 

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