From Your Backyard To Deep In The Backcountry

LWCF Has Provided Access to Millions of Acres of Public Lands

Why Does LWCF Matter?

LWCF conserves our nation’s great lands and waters from every American’s backyard to deep in the backcountry. This bipartisan program grew from legislation passed so that every American can have access to the outdoors. From national parks to neighborhood parks, LWCF works to conserve America’s most valuable resources.

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History of LWCF

LWCF was a bipartisan bill passed in 1964 by Congress to improve outdoor recreation and increase public access to public lands. LWCF has provided almost $4 billion for federal, state and local governments to sustain important lands and waters, conserve fish and wildlife habitat and enhance public access.

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Projects have been funded through LWCF in over 50 years.


Acres of forest have been protected through grants provided by LWCF.


Every $1 of land and water conservation fund money invested creates $4 in economic value.


The amount of taxpayer money spent to provide public access to hunting and fishing grounds through LWCF.

LWCF Featured Projects

From your backyard to deep in the backcountry, LWCF has provided funding for thousands of projects. Check out some of our favorite projects.

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Successful LWCF Projects

Endangered LWCF Projects

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