Keep West Virginia State Wildlife Areas Managed for Wildlife

Over the past several years, there have been an increasing number attempts to open West Virginia State Wildlife Areas to recreational motorized use. These wildlife areas have been paid for by hunters and anglers – and have been managed for fish, wildlife and wildlife related recreation.  Join West Virginia Backcountry Hunters & Anglers in urging our decision makers to help keep state wildlife areas managed for wildlife and wildlife-related recreation. 

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Richard Helsley
500 signatures

As a hunter and user of West Virginia State Wildlife Areas, I urge you to reject any legislation which would open the state’s wildlife areas to motorized recreation. Hunters appreciate the wildlife areas we have funded as they are. We recognize that OHVs can be a useful tool when used responsibly and we would support the creation of new public lands which can better support responsibly managed OHV use. Motorized users must find alternative locations to recreate. Please help keep West Virginia’s State Wildlife Areas managed for wildlife and wildlife-related recreation! 

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