Keep the Pine Tree Research Station Public

As a sportsman and public lands user, I join Arkansas Backcountry Hunters & Anglers in urging officials to keep the Pine Tree Research Station in St. Francis County Public!

Who's signing

Samuel Bridges
Landon Calhoun
Jonathan Mcmillon
Robert Puddy
Shelly Damiano
Karl Van Calcar
Gary Washer
Carolyn Clark
Brent Worls
Terry Ragsdale
Kimberley Anthony
Timothy Fronk
Neil Andres
3,000 signatures

The proposed sale to a private party could eliminate more than 6,000 acres of high-quality public hunting and fishing in North East Arkansas. If the sale were to go through, it would be a dramatic reduction to public hunting in a part of the state that already suffers from limited public land. The 6,000+ acres serves as great habitat for deer, turkey, waterfowl and a bounty of small game. We urge our decision makers to find a commonsense alternative to keep it public!



Will you sign?