Kansas BHA Urges a "NO" Vote on HCR 5014

On Election Day ballots will include Constitutional Amendment HCR-5014.  Voting “Yes” for this amendment to our State Constitution would give the Kansas Legislature direct authority over the management of fish and wildlife to the Legislature as opposed to KDWP professionals trained in the fish and wildlife management.  Supporters of the bill will argue this amendment creates a checks and balances to limit bureaucracy, however, KDWP’s internal checks and balances is the Wildlife Commission.  This Commission is directly involved in reviews of all rules and regulations in a format that allows direct input by the general public on all such matters.  On Tuesday, November 8th Kansas BHA urges voters to vote “NO” to HCR-5014 to keep politics out of the outdoors and the management of our fish and wildlife in the hands of KDWP professionals and the Wildlife Commission.

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About Kansas BHA

Kansas BHA members value the freedom to hunt, fish, watch birds, trap, hike, camp, and engage in other outdoor pursuits. Our mission is to protect and preserve the few public lands and waters we have within our borders and open access to new public lands.

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