July '22 Montana Elk Update

For the most part, we know our draw results and our fall hunting plans are beginning to take shape. Even though we're six weeks away from archery opener, elk still dominate the news here in Montana. Here's a rundown.


The latest uproar around elk management in Montana came from a proposal that FWP's elk advisory group forwarded calling for hunters to 'pick a weapon/season.' While the intent of this idea is valid, we argue that this is absolutely not the time for this change, nor is it guaranteed to even have the desired impact. Read more here.


Also in the news, yet another blunder from FWP's licensing department. It appears 5,800 B tags were physically mailed to hunters who'd already elected to utilize the mobile tagging option. This creates a situation where one hunter possesses two valid B tags. FWP is politely asking that hunters who've opted to use the mobile app destroy their paper tags. This, on top of a long and growing list of licensing mistakes, have hunters extra worried about crowding and over-harvests this fall.


One benefit of being a dues-paying member of BHA is our quarterly magazine arriving in the mail. At times, we digitize articles from this and share more broadly. Montana BHA's vice chair Thomas Baumeister's article on the privatization of elk was one of these deserving pieces, and we're excited to share it with you here.


In preparation for a much anticipated and long overdue elk management plan revision, Montana FWP is traveling the state and hosting public meetings "to gather ideas about local elk management issues and population objectives." We encourage elk hunters to show up and share your concerns and your ideas. For a full list of these meetings and/or ways to provide comments online, click here.


We told you last month that Montana BHA and other in-state hunting and access groups formally filed to intervene to oppose the lawsuit brought by the United Property Owners of Montana (UPOM). Here's a great oped explaining why.


The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission's next meeting is August 25. One agenda item is to approve the Big Snowy Mountains Wildlife Management Area acquisition, and we need as many hunters as possible to show up or call in to voice our support. For more information, click here.


Montana BHA continues to stick up for equitable hunting opportunity, public access and wildlife habitat. We appreciate your support and ongoing participation.

- Montana BHA




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