Judge Reverses Permits that threaten Bloody Run Creek

May 1, 2023: Bloody Run Creek is a prime Northeast Iowa public trout stream in our state’s Driftless region.  The Iowa Chapter of BHA has supported efforts to protect its trout, so great public fishing will continue in Bloody Run.  The creek has been threatened by manure runoff from Supreme Beef, LLC, a livestock operation. Polk County Judge Scott Rosenberg recently concluded that the February 2021 approved manure handling plan for the feedlot adjacent to--and threatening--Bloody Run Creek, was flawed.  


Supreme Beef LLC had received previous approval for their plan for handling the wastes from 11,600 cattle despite objections from several groups concerned by potential damage to Bloody Run.   Judge Rosenberg’s ruling overturns the earlier regulatory approval and specifically highlights "illogical interpretations and applications" of the calculations for manure runoff into Bloody Run in the plan approved in early 2021.  Possible next steps could include a legal appeal of Judge Rosenberg’s ruling, submission of a revised manure management plan, and/or removal of the cattle from the site located next to Bloody Run.


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