Josh Liljedahl

Josh Liljedahl, Utah R3 Coordinator 

Since joining the Utah BHA board in 2022 Josh has infused a new and contagious energy into the chapter's leadership team through his hard work and incredible passion for this cause.

After many months of careful planning, Utah’s first-ever Hunting for Sustainability series came to life in the summer of 2022 as a result of Josh’s efforts. Despite a short application window, the program received an overwhelmingly positive response. Fifteen new hunters were chosen from a large pool of applicants to participate in the program, which consisted of five workshops over five weeks, each focusing on a different hunting skillset. Board members, chapter volunteers and DWR representatives led the sessions, many of which consisted of hands-on learning opportunities for the participants. Upon the conclusion of the program, the students expressed incredible gratitude for the experience and came away from the series much more confident and prepared in their journey as responsible hunters.

This program is undoubtedly one of the greatest and impactful successes of our chapter over the last several years, and the chapter board came away from it fired up for future H4S programs. Through his leadership on this project, Josh perfectly showcased what it means to be an effective board member by taking ownership, doing the necessary research and finding solutions to every challenge. He answered the conservationist call by starting his board member term with a bang, and we’re so excited for what the future holds for him as a leader in conservation!

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