John Gale, Vice Chair - Government Affairs

John Gale 2John is a 5th generation Idaho native whose family came in the early settlement days before it was even a state. Today he calls Colorado home, and hunts and fishes all over the state, but his preference is for “some lonely mountain stream and all the solitude that wilderness and roadless areas bring…it’s where I go to get my boots dirty and my soul clean.”

After growing up in Idaho and working for the state legislature, while feeding an outdoors addiction as a whitewater river guide and ranger, John received degrees in Natural Resource Management from the University of Idaho. He then ventured east to Capitol Hill where he directed a variety of grassroots conservation programs for Trout Unlimited. At the end of 2005, succumbing to calls from the western topography, John returned to the west and now works for the National Wildlife Federation as the Regional Representative for AZ, CO, ID, NM, and UT. To contact the Colorado Board, send us an email here [email protected]

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