Iowa BHA Opposes SF516

The Iowa BHA Chapter seeks to ensure our outdoor heritage of hunting, fishing, and trapping on behalf of wild public lands, waters, and wildlife. That vision depends on equitable access to habitat and healthy wildlife populations. Senate File 516 proposes that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources focus on managing its current lands and not prioritize adding public access. BHA views this as an underhanded way to block public land increase and lead to the eventual removal of the public lands and access we currently have. 

If SF 516 is passed, parties other than the DNR would be able to define “maintenance” and prioritize agriculture over natural landscapes, potentially viewing native prairie as “weeds” and demanding they be removed and managed for crop production. Wildlife Management Areas, as the name implies, should be prioritized for wildlife and habitat, not solely for economic gain. 

We need Iowans to contact the members of the Committee and urge them again to OPPOSE SF 516. Thank you.

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