Intro To Duck Hunting Webinar Series

Are you new to Duck Hunting?  You are in the right place, our free "Intro To Duck Hunting Webinar Series" bring three long term public land waterfowlers straight to you!  They will be breaking down strategy, scouting, timing, and the basic requirements to stack your freezer with delicious duck meat! All you have to do is RSVP for each event at the link below, and click the link on each page to join the live video!

Each webinar consists of 40 minutes of live presentations and a final 20 minutes of live Q&A.


All Webinars Are at 5:00 PST / 6:00 MT/ 7:00 CT / 8:00 ET

  • 12/15/20 Justin Cross: Weather and Conditions — Be in the right place at the right time VIEW VIDEO HERE
    • How to understand fronts
    • What weather systems do to push ducks
    • Where to watch the weather in relation to where you hunt.
  • 12/22/20 Caleb Kaywood: Preparing and Setting Up For Success Join the Webinar HERE
    • Scouting
    • Fly Ways and Micro Fly Ways
    • How to set up for success once you’re at your spot.
  • 1/5/21 Jonathan Wilkens: The Basic Requirements Join the Webinar HERE
    • Basic Gear Requirements
    • How to hunt on a budget
  • 1/12/21 Panel: Dry & Flooded Fields / Lakes / Slews / Timber Join the Webinar HERE
    • Caleb Kaywood MT Chapter
    • Jonathan Wilkens AR Chapter
    • Justin Cross CO Chapter



About Josh Kaywood

Chapter Coordinator For the Southeastern States.