Interview with BHA Member and Extreme Huntress Finalist Amanda Lowrey

The following is an interview with Amanda Lowrey of Sandpoint, Idaho (age 25). Amanda is a BHA member who is currently one of the finalists in the Extreme Huntress Competition.  Amanda will also be a part of a panel at BHA's 2014 National Rendezvous in Denver on "Women and Hunting."

amandamuledeer2How did you start hunting?

I started tagging along with my dad and grandpa when I was a little girl, long before getting my own hunting license! I was hooked from the first time I went out in the woods! I shot my first deer with my mom when I was 12. I was very fortunate to have grown up in a family full of hunters and outdoorsmen who were willing to share their skills and knowledge with me.

What do your friends think about the fact that you’re a hunter?

Most of my friends are fellow hunters, but even the ones who are not are very supportive!

What is one lesson that you’ve learned through hunting?

“Stop and smell the roses” so to speak. Hunting is not just about killing or putting a trophy on your wall. It’s about the experience, the memories made in the field, family, friends, beautiful sunsets, the smell of the trees, the sound of the birds, etc…never forget to slow down and enjoy your surroundings and EVERYTHING the outdoors has to offer. Do your part to preserve what we have, and don’t take anything for granted!

amanda-lowreyWhat is your dream hunt?

I would love to hunt griz with my bow in Alaska!

We’ve heard that you are in the running for a national “extreme huntress” award. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Ah, yes! The Extreme Huntress Competition has been a once in a lifetime experience for me. I had actually come across the competition by accident just a few days before the deadline to enter. What convinced me to enter was mainly their mission. It is their goal to promote positive role models and preserve our outdoor heritage. “If mom goes hunting, so will her children.” Having young children of my own and being passionate about hunting, this is a personal mission as well. By winning the contest, I would have a better platform to share this mission with the world! Secondly, I liked the fact that we would have to hunt as part of the competition. There are a lot other contests out there that only require voting to win. I liked that this competition would test our skills in the field. I have been very fortunate to have made it to the final four ladies in this competition out of dozens of entries. To get to the final four, we first submitted a biography and photos. Out of those entries, the judges chose 10 semi-finalists. Then, a round of online voting commenced and the top 4 ladies were chosen by a combination of votes and judges scores. The top 4 ladies, proceeded to Hondo, TX where we were tested on our hunting/tracking abilities, shooting skills, and physical fitness. The entire contest was filmed and is currently airing weekly. Online voting is also open to the public. Voting ends January 1 and then, we will found out who will be the 2014 Extreme Huntress!

Besides being a BHA member and supporter, in what ways are you involved with conservation?

We are involved with numerous other conservation groups as well, helping with fundraisers and working on projects locally such as trying to get overpasses for wildlife migration, etc. We work closely with fish and game and forest service, counting wildlife, reporting significant geographical changes, clearing trails in the backcountry, etc. We also try to be proactive as a “voice” to encourage others to participate in preserving our heritage, our wildlife, and our land.

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