Inside the Summer Issue of BHA’s Backcountry Journal

MISSOULA, Mont. – The summer issue of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers’ quarterly magazine, Backcountry Journal, is landing in mailboxes across North America. Venture out on summer adventures on our public lands and waters. Learn more about trending issues impacting our fish and wildlife and hunting and fishing opportunities. Here’s a preview:

Return of the Buffalo: Beginning with a jaw-dropping piece of original art by Ed Anderson on the cover and a call to action from BHA President and CEO Land Tawney, the summer issue features award-winning journalist Christine Peterson’s deep dive into the history of bison restoration – and the prospects of the species’ recovery across North America. This not-to-be-missed story is both history lesson and inspiration.

Get Your Fishing Fix: Learn how to sight fish for trout and explore the backcountry in a float tube with instructional columns from BHA members Marc Fryt and Jordan Wolf. Feature stories authored by T. Edward Nickens, Lisa Ballard, Allen Crater and Josh Parks explore just what fish – and the wild places where they reside – mean to us all.

Smoked Trout: In this installment of Field to Table, BHA’s wild game cooking column, renowned wild game chef Jack Hennessy shows us how to prepare a mouthwatering smoked trout pasta with sweet pepper cream sauce. (Read more wild game recipes on BHA’s Field to Table blog.)

Change Is in the Air: What is our responsibility as hunters and anglers in the face of climate change? Todd Tanner, hunter, angler, writer and president of Conservation Hawks, asks some tough – but important – questions in this recurring column, Beyond Fair Chase, from Orion – The Hunter’s Institute.

Defending the Public Trust: Learn how BHA chapters and their members, from New Mexico and Montana to Illinois and Kansas, are fighting back against the privatization and commoditization of wildlife, consistent with our core belief “that the equitable opportunity to hunt and fish should not be determined by size of your bank account, who you know or how much land you own.”

Backcountry Journal is distributed to BHA members, elected officials and land management agencies. It also is available in a digital flipbook edition, available to members on the BHA website. Join BHA today to get your copy.

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