Idaho Governor Proclaims May 2 Public Lands Day at BHA North American Rendezvous

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May 3, 2019
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Governor Little’s announcement underscores the cultural, recreational
and economic importance of public lands and waters in the Gem State


BOISE, Idaho – Public lands and waters in Idaho received a wholehearted endorsement by Gov. Brad Little, who issued a proclamation establishing May 2 as Public Lands Day in Idaho.

Little took to the stage of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers’ Beers, Bands and Public Lands brewfest in downtown Boise to make the announcement last night. Little, a Republican, was joined on stage by representatives of numerous conservation and sportsmen’s groups in Idaho and was introduced by Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, a Democrat, underscoring the bipartisan support for public lands and waters in Idaho and across the United States.

Idaho hunters, anglers and conservationists applauded Little’s announcement and affirmed the vital role of public lands in the Gem State.

“The public lands of Idaho provide an extraordinary wealth of opportunity for hunters and anglers across the state,” said Josh Kuntz, BHA regional manager and an Idahoan. “The health of the fish and wildlife that we so deeply value are inextricably linked to the public lands in Idaho. It is heartening to have Governor Little officially recognize the vital role our public lands play for the residents of Idaho.”

“Our public lands are the essence of what it means to be an Idahoan,” said Michael Gibson of Trout Unlimited. “In addition to providing fish and wildlife habitat as well as opportunities to fish and hunt, they are an economic engine that produce jobs in rural communities. Kudos to the governor for recognizing their importance by declaring May 2 as Idaho Public Lands Day.”

“Governor Little is listening to Idahoans,” said Brian Brooks, executive director of the Idaho Wildlife Federation. “We live here because of our public lands and the opportunities they provide, and that sentiment isn't partisan. We are proud our governor embraces outdoor lifestyles and champions public lands and all they provide.”

“Idahoans cherish our public lands and waters,” said Rob Thornberry, Idaho representative for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. “Hunters and anglers thank Governor Brad Little for recognizing the importance of these lands to our way of life.”

“Public lands are a central part of our Idaho heritage,” said John Robison, public lands director at the Idaho Conservation League. “We are encouraged to have a governor who recognizes and appreciates the importance of these special places.”  

“From the Clearwater to the High Divide, Idaho’s public lands are woven into the fabric of what makes the Gem state special,” said Brad Brooks, public lands campaign director at The Wilderness Society. “We look to our elected officials to demonstrate leadership, and Governor Little deserves our thanks and appreciation for his recognition of how important public lands and waters are to Idaho’s way of life.”

“Idaho’s public lands are one of our state's greatest assets,” said Heather Dermott with Idaho Business for the Outdoors. “Our member companies are proud to support Governor Little’s recognition of the importance of Idaho’s public lands and outdoor spaces as he designates May 2 Public Lands Day in Idaho.”

Idaho has 34.5 million acres of public lands, nearly two-thirds of the state’s 53.5 million acres.

BHA’s 8th annual North American Rendezvous is taking place in Boise May 1-4, uniting thousands of sportsmen and women in Idaho’s capital city to celebrate public lands and waters, fish and wildlife, and our outdoor traditions. Learn more about BHA Rendezvous.


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