Idaho BHA volunteers help stock fish in backcountry lake

Idaho BHA recently sent out a call for volunteers to help Idaho Fish & Game stock backcountry lakes near McCall.  Member Josiah LeMesuerier recruited his brother and friend to stock Maki Lake, which requires a 2,000 foot ascent during the first 2.3 miles of the nearly 4 mile hike.  The three volunteers first went the IDFG hatchery in McCall to pick up the fish and receive some instructions.  The fish come in large bags that have been chilled to allow the fish to stay healthy during the hike in to the lakes. 


Once at the trailhead, the crew, along with their dogs quickly donned their packs and headed up the trail. Josiah had this to say about the experience, "It was a great hike, the scenery was fantastic (although a little smoky) and we were all exploring an area we hadn't checked out before.  We worked our way up to Snowslide lake, then went up and over to drop into Maki lake.  We didn't see anyone else until we got down to Maki lake where one tent was set up.  Maki Lake is a beautiful little place and after we released the trout fry we had carried up, we hung around for a while and did a little fishing.  Between casts and sips of the beer I packed up (and out), I couldn't help but think about how lucky I was to have public lands like that to explore."  

Idaho BHA plans to expand this fish stocking volunteer effort in 2019.  The fish stocking typically takes place from mid-July to early-September. 


Big thanks to Josiah for the pictures and for helping increase opportunity for all anglers that choose to visit this beautiful gem in the public lands of Idaho.






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