Idaho BHA supports Sage Grouse in Schools program with funds and volunteers

For the second successive year, Idaho BHA provided funds to assist a US Fish & Wildlife Service program to bring school groups from southern Idaho on field trips to learn about sage grouse.  The students get the opportunity to view sage grouse leks during mating season and also engage with landowners who help manage vital sagebrush habitat.  BHA volunteers were able to talk to the students about the importance of public land and private land conservation and the many species that rely on healthy sagebrush steppe ecosystems.

The entire program was described by Jason Pyron, USFWS supervisory biologist, in this way, "We have worked really closely with our partners to create a program that teaches kids about sage-grouse biology and sagebrush conservation, while emphasizing the importance of negotiation and communication skills."

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Photo credit: Josh White, USFWS

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