Idaho BHA donates $1000 to new Hunters Education facility at Black's Creek Shooting Range

Black's Creek Range is the largest and most visited shooting range in Idaho.  In 2018, nearly 7,000 shooters visited Black's Creek Range just outside Boise.  This mark shattered the old record of 5,200 set the year before.  Recognizing the value of the range and the need for more hunters education facilities, Idaho Fish and Game (IDFG) developed plans to build a 4,000 square foot Hunter Education Training Center at Black's Creek Range.  IDFG received the majority of the funding for the project from from Pittman-Robertson funds, however classroom furnishings and Audio/Visual equipment was not covered.  

Idaho BHA learned about this project in the fall of 2018 and determined that it was aligned within BHA's mission of supporting hunting "R3" efforts (recruitment, retention, reactivation).  Chapter leaders from Idaho BHA chose to make a $1,000 donation to help IDFG complete the project.  

Once complete, the Hunter Education Training center will be the premier site for hunter education in Idaho.  The building will have a capacity of approximately 130 people with options to split the main classroom into 3 small classrooms.  The A/V system will consist of several big screen displays, an 8X8 matrix switcher, ceiling speakers in each classroom, an amplifier, and other smaller pieces of equipment to allow each of the displays to work in concert or independent of each other.  Office space, a kitchen and a patio are also included in the plans. The building will be made available to conservation groups at a nominal cost meetings and functions. 

Idaho BHA is proud to play a small role in helping provide new Idaho hunters with a quality hunters education experience.   

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