Idaho BHA announces Kestrel Glassing Systems as a chapter sponsor

The Idaho Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers officially welcomes Kestrel Glassing Systems as an official chapter sponsor!  

The Kestrel™ Glassing System was developed by Treasure Valley innovator and hunter Jon Lucas.  Jon had a product idea born from the desire to cut weight and pack volume on backcountry hunting trips. While planning an archery elk hunt in the summer of 2018, Jon was budgeting pack weight and making hard decisions about what gear to bring and what to leave behind. When he looked at his tripod, I kept thinking that there had to be a lighter, more space efficient way to effectively glass on long pack trips.

Jon set a goal to design a lightweight, compact system that could replace a tripod for backcountry hunting. After more than ten revisions and countless hours of field testing, the result is now a finished product called the Kestrel™ Glassing System.  

Look for Kestrel Glassing System products on display at upcoming Idaho BHA events.  We love seeing Idahoans creating cool solutions to backcountry hunting challenges, so we encourage you to check the website for more info: 


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