Idaho BHA Adds New Leaders & Committees

In early January along the shore of Payette Lake, Idaho BHA held an annual leadership meeting to develop strategies and outline plans for 2019.  Additionally, Idaho BHA welcomed several new members to the leadership team and created four committees to organize our efforts.  

In addition to the hard work, the chapter leaders also enjoyed some extraordinary wild game table fare including: mallard, elk, mule deer, pheasant, chukar, and salmon.  



  1. Membership/Events/Fundraising:  Idaho BHA recruits members and raises money in several ways.  We hold approximately 10-20 fundraising events/programs each year that are run by volunteers.  At these events, we sell memberships and merchandise and often hold a raffle. Examples of events include: Pint Nights, Public Land Owner Film showings, booths at trade shows, booths at hunting/fishing film tours.  Additionally, we try to build relationships with businesses or individuals that would be open to making donations of products or money or help us sponsor events.  If you are interested in helping this committee, please contact Ed Rebman at [email protected]    
  2. Stewardship:  Idaho BHA directly hosts several  hands-on conservation stewardship projects each year  The focus of these projects is generally to enhance fish and wildlife habitat or to provide education to new hunters or the general hunting and angling community. Examples of projects include: building barriers to deter illegal motorized use on public lands, planting native flora to improve wildlife habitat, stocking trout in backcountry lakes, trash cleanup of rivers and public lands, and advanced hunter education courses for new hunters.  We also help recruit BHA volunteers to participate in work projects that are organized by Idaho Fish & Game, BLM, USFS and USFWS.  If you are interested in helping this committee, please contact Sean Carriere at [email protected]
  3. Policy & Engagement:  Idaho BHA creates awareness and provides tools to allow members to engage on legislative and political  issues that will affect hunting, fishing, wildlife, public lands or public waters. We also provide ways for members help the chapter sculpt comments during times that state and federal agencies are soliciting public comments regarding  land and wildlife management decisions. We have members that sit on forest and rangeland planning collaboratives. We also work with members to submit letters/opinions to local and statewide news outlets. We also encourage members to testify in front of the state legislature and IDFG commission on various issues involving public lands & waters, hunting, fishing & wildlife. As a 501c3 non-profit, BHA cannot endorse specific candidates and must follow many other rules regarding lobbying and political involvement.  BHA is a non-partisan organization.  If you are interested in helping this committee, please contact Josh Kuntz at [email protected]
  4. Communications:  Idaho BHA uses email, social media and other tools to communicate information to our members and supporters.  We aim to broaden our communications reach by growing our social media channels and develop positive relationships with media.  Our communications cover a variety of topics including: local and national conservation issues, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, general wildlife and habitat education, and specific calls to action. If you are interested in helping this committee, please contact Tyler Wicks at [email protected]  


Leadership Team

Co-Chair: Eric Crawford (Moscow)

Co-Chair:  Jeff Klausmann (Victor)

Co-Chair: Katie Oelrich (Nampa)

Secretary:  Jeff Barney (Boise)

Treasurer:  JD Miller (Eagle)

Board Member & Stewardship Committee Chair: Sean Carriere (Middleton)

Board Member & Communications Committee Chair: Tyler Wicks (Star)

Board Member & MEF Committee Chair: Ed Rebman (Boise)

Region 1 Rep:  Travis Icardo (Sandpoint)

Region 2 Rep: Vacant

Region 3 Reps:  Liz Lynch (McCall), Nicole Swafford (Boise), Mike Lipps (Meridian)

Region 4 Rep: Ford VanFossan (Ketchum)

Region 5 Rep: Merritt Horsmon (Pocatello)

Region 6 Rep: Vacant

Region 7 Rep: Chad Fealko (Salmon)

Habitat Watch Coordinator: Dan Herrig (Boise)

U of I Club President:  Joy Billings (Moscow)

U of I Treasurer:  Shannon Wilkey (Moscow)

BSU Club President:  Cody Marschner (Boise)


About Idaho BHA

The Idaho chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is a group united by a passion to protect and conserve public land forests, mountains, prairies, streams and lakes that support our hunting and angling traditions.

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