Hunter, forager, and wild food educator Jenna Rozelle

“It started with food, and it’s evolved into what most hunters have experienced…sure, the end goal is food, but there’s a million more things to enjoy about it.” Jenna Rozelle lives in southern Maine, where she teaches classes on wild foods, forages, hunts, fishes and chronicles an existence spent close to the land. For her, hunting and fishing go hand in hand with foraging and land stewardship. A board member of the New England chapter of BHA and self described late-onset hunter, Rozelle tells Hal the story of her long and winding road to a gratifying relationship with harvesting wild creatures. Join them as they talk wild foods and how to find them, the joys and challenges of spring gardening and squirrel hunting as an entry point to hunting. Along the way you’ll hear about an ancient book of herbal lore, the life and habits of a unique fish parasite, and the evolutionary benefits of our keenly developed and very human sense of disgust.

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