Speak up to halt road development in Point Washington State Forest

The Point Washington State Forest is under threat. These 15,000 acres of sandhills, wet prairie, cypress bayous, and titi swamps provide countless opportunities for hunters in the area and are also used for off-road bicycling, hiking and birdwatching. In addition to providing opportunities to hunt deer, turkeys and feral hogs, the Point Washington WMA is also one of the few wildlife management areas in Florida that permit access to trappers. A proposed road through the WMA would split this valuable landscape, reducing quality wildlife habitat and harming our hunting opportunities. 
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In addition to game species, the forest provides habitat to vulnerable gopher tortoise, vulnerable white-topped pitcher plants and the world's largest population of Curtiss' sandgrass. Some of the bird species found on this area include the Southeastern American kestrel, myrtle warbler, prothonotary warbler, red-headed woodpecker, mourning dove and common ground-dove.
Point Washington is already fragmented by several paved roads and numerous forest roads.  If permitted, the proposed 2.5 mile Seagrove Forest Road will drive a split through the eastern third of the WMA, further fragmenting wildlife, increasing pollution and diminishing opportunities for hunters in the area.
Join the Florida Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers in opposing this road and protecting wildlife habitat. 
Click Here to contact the Walton County Commissioners to voice your concerns.
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