Harrison Stasik

Harrison Stasik from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point recently took over his college club presidency and has already catapulted it to top performing club this semester. Since last fall, he has been busy planning the biggest fundraiser a club has hosted since the onslaught of COVID (check out UWSP BHA’s Gear & Beer Bash). In addition, he's been instrumental in the planning of a learn to hunt turkey workshop with his fellow club leader Adam Nyhus, which will introduce new hunters to hunting. As a testament to the work they are doing, the UWSP club is aiming to dethrone West Virginia University BHA in the G.O.A.T competition, a point competition where everything clubs do - from meetings to fundraising - earns points. To top off his great work, Harrison always has an eye on inclusivity and making sure UWSP BHA is casting the widest net possible to effectively build a louder voice for public lands and waters.

Oh, and he does this all on top of being a student!

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