Habitat Watch Program

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California's BHA’s Habitat Watch Volunteers serve as our “eyes and ears,” our points of contact for issues impacting specific national forests and other public lands. We currently have Habitat Watch Volunteers covering 12 of 18 national forests, and still have openings.

If you’re interested in volunteering for any national forest, grassland or other public lands unit, let us know!

Contact Kevin Tedder if you’d like additional information or want to volunteer.

Angeles National Forest

1. Doug Achtemeier, Pasadena

2. Vacant

Cleveland National Forest

1. John Egan, Vista


2. Matt Swanson, Santee: 619-306-0574


3. Adam Ratner, San Diego

Eldorado National Forest

1. Jacob Dima, Davis
2. Vacant

Inyo National Forest

1. Kristin Roscoe, San Diego

2. Vacant

Klamath National Forest

1. Vacant
2. Vacant

Lassen National Forest

1. Vacant
2. Vacant

Los Padres National Forest

1. Kip Carpenter, Paso Robles


2. Ray DeHoyos, Paso Robles


Mendocino National Forest

1. Vacant

2. Vacant

Modoc National Forest

1. Vacant
2. Vacant

Plumas National Forest
1. Matt Brubaker, Portola
2. William Marquette, Portola


San Bernardino National Forest
1. Shawn Alger, Cherry Valley


2. Scott Gibson, Yucca Valley

Sequoia National Forest
1. Cory Nelson, Visalia


2. Vacant

Shasta-Trinity National Forest
1. Kevin Tedder, Redding

2. Vacant

Sierra National Forest
1. Vacant
2. Vacant

Six Rivers National Forest
1. Chase Cimina, Arcata

2. Vacant

Stanislaus National Forest
1. David Bell, Oakley

2. Vacant

Tahoe National Forest
1.Dave Fitcher, Truckee

2. Vacant