Greg Munther

Greg started the Montana chapter in 2009, years before BHA HQ was in Missoula. He’s been an active BHA leader ever since, serving as board chairman and board conservation director. Just recently, Greg retired from the Montana BHA board, passing the baton to the next leaders. I say "leaders" because we had to split Greg’s position in two to try to adequately replace him.
Before his departure from the Montana BHA board, Greg led the chapter’s efforts in supporting wild, roadless backcountry in the Great Burn proposed wilderness area as part of the Nez-Perce Clearwater Forest Plan revision. He’s recently written dozens of letters of support/opposition on behalf of the MT Chapter from issues ranging from grazing on public lands, timber harvests and stream restoration to conservation easements, mitigation and the classification of e-bikes and hovercraft use on the Clark Fork and Bitterroot rivers.
But arguably the coolest recent accomplishment of Greg’s came in the turkey woods. Seeking the challenge of hunting with a trad bow, Greg took it a step further this spring when he killed a tom with his selfbow and the arrows he made from dogwood and chokecherry shoots that he collected along the Bitterroot River. He fletched them with sandhill crane and wild turkey feathers and reinforced them with elk sinew from an elk he killed. 
Greg has dedicated a lifetime - personally and professionally - to the restoration and conservation of Montana’s natural resources. He’s 72 now and has been fighting these battles for 40-plus years. Folks talk about the youthful energy of BHA members and the sage wisdom of others. Greg brings both. We’re sad to see him retire from the board, and we are forever thankful for his contributions.
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