goHUNT, the No. 1 online destination for Western big game hunting news, strategy, tips and research tools is our Corporate Partner of the Month. goHUNT has stepped up time and again to help BHA, and this year is no different. They’ve signed on to be one of our first Platinum Plus partners, and in addition to providing us with funds to carry on our mission and product from their incredible online store to help us with fundraising, they’ll be travelling to the Rendezvous to capture the whole thing on film. goHUNT is also teaming up with Vortex and First Lite to create a one-of-a-kind shirt for our 2020 Rendezvous volunteers. If you want one of these shirts, reach out to BHA headquarters ASAP!

Most importantly, goHUNT has stepped up their conservation game BIG TIME and is using their platform to spread the word about issues and proposed legislation that affects you, the public land hunter and angler.

If you’re looking to head west to hunt this year, check out goHUNT.com and join as an INSIDER. It’ll provide you with all the answers to your questions about where to apply and how to make the hunt of a lifetime a success. Even better, enter the promo code “BHA” at checkout and receive a $50 gift card to their gear shop. Each member who joins will also have $25 donated to BHA in their name! 

Thanks to brands like goHUNT, BHA is able to do the work we do. Thanks, goHUNT!

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