GMUG Wilderness Evaluation Comment Period

Right now the Forest Service is evaluating backcountry landscapes within the Grand Mesa Uncompahgre and Gunnision National Forests (GMUG) for wilderness suitability - to determine which backcountry landscapes are suitable to recommend to Congress for permanent wilderness protection as part of the multi-year Forest Planning Revision Process.

We have until September 5th to comment

The Forest Service has published a Draft Wilderness Evaluation Reportwhich provides wilderness suitability narratives for nearly 90 locations. The next step for the Forest Service is to whittle this list down and to choose which locations are suitable to advance for recommendation. This is where your voice can make a difference.

Please look at the evaluation reportto see if you are familiar with any of the locations listed. If so, please read through those narratives and submit a commenton the draft assessment for those areas. You don't need to be a policy expert to comment, you just need to speak to your experiences as a sportsman in those locations. Consider whether the existing narrative reflect your understanding and knowledge of a particular area and help make the narrative stronger. Describe the unique opportunities and values that a particular landscape affords you as a sportsmen and underscore why you believe it should be protected as wilderness. 

This is an important opportunity to strengthen protections for backcountry landscapes on our public lands. These places belong to us and we have an opportunity to lend our voice and help shape their future. As public land owners we can demonstrate our pride of ownership by engaging in this process and sharing our experiences. Please comment today!

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