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MN BHA Friends,

As stated by DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr, “the Game and Fish Fund–the fund that pays for conservation officers and a whole lot of game and fish work–is in dire condition.  It is projected to go negative by as early as July 2013.  This means DNR will need to make significant cuts that affect the quantity and quality of hunting, fishing and natural resource protection unless the State Legislature approves license fee increases during the 2012 session … If you have an opinion on this matter, I encourage you to express it to your local senator or representative.”  For additional information, see the links below:


-The Bottom Line:

-A Game and Fish Fund update (“DNR managers feel the brunt of dwindling Game and Fish Fund,” 3/25/12):

-More Game and Fish Fund (by the numbers) information:

-And the projected Game and Fish Fund balance:

Then take a minute and send an e-mail to your state legislators (if you haven’t already) asking them to support hunting/fishing license fee increases: 

-First, if you don’t know your nine-digit zip code, use this link to find it:!input.action

-Then, to find your state elected officials (this will take less than a minute), go to:

-Enter you zip code in the “Search” box at the top right and look under “State Legislative” for your Reps. and Senators.  Then click through to find their “Contact Information” for e-mail addresses.  Last, compose a short, quick e-mail stating that you are a hunter/angler/outdoorsman or woman and are concerned about the issue at hand (see information above).

And while you’re at it, let your legislators know you oppose transferring the management of School Trust Lands away from the DNR’s jurisdiction.  Regarding related legislative efforts to trade School Trust Lands in the BWCAW for lands in the surrounding Superior National Forest, Rep. David Dill (DFL-Crane Lake) said recently, “We should mine, log and lease the hell out of that land” to generate revenue, just in case had any questions about what would happen if such a trade occurs.[1][1]

As Outdoor News editor Rob Drieslein said, “Hunters have a vested interest, because we now have access to these properties—something that’s never guaranteed when management begins switching hands.”[2][2] “The school trust fund contribution represents about .2 percent of the state’s annual $12 billion school budget.”[3][3]

As always, thanks for making a difference.

Have a good week,

David A. Lien

Co-Chair, Minnesota

Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

[1][1] Bob Geiger.  “BWCA land swap bill held over.”  Twin Cities Daily Planet: 3/6/12.

[2][2] Rob Drieslein.  “Outdoor Insights.”  Outdoor News: 2/24/12, p. 3.

[3][3] Tim Spielman.  “School trust lands bill in crossfire at state Capitol.”  Outdoor News: 3/16/12, p. 27.

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