Friday Night Ties: How To Tie The "Parachute Capt. Moe"

We're excited to launch our new video series, “Friday Night Ties”.  Join us weekly as a roster of all-star guest tiers brings you a new fly from a new region to help inspire your time at the vise and fill your boxes. Each video will offer step-by-step instruction for tying the fly and offer tips and tactics for fishing the pattern.

This week’s guest is Rob Parkins, BHA’s public waters access coordinator. He will be tying his favorite backcountry attractor pattern. The “Parachute Capt. Moe” is a simple and effective searching pattern that is easy to tie and works whether you are fishing small streams or floating bigger rivers like the Snake River in Wyoming. It is designed to imitate many types of mayflies. Named for a special dubbing created by Rob’s friend and fly tying extraordinaire, Captain Moe Neale, it can be re-created using any spikey translucent dubbing and in any size from 10-18. Fish it with confidence!

Have a pattern and tying video that you'd like to share? Send an e-mail to [email protected] 


Tying Materials Needed

  • Hook: Tiemco TMC 100 sp-bl
  • Thread: Veevus 8/0
  • Rust Tail: moose body
  • Dubbing: natural hares ear blend or Capt Moes dubbing if you can find it
  • Parachute Post: EP fibers
  • Hackle: dun

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