Friday Night Ties: How To Tie The "Jigged CDC Quails Nest"

This week we’re sitting down at the vise with guest tier Garrison Doctor, co-founder of Rep Your Water, to tie a pattern he calls the “Jigged CDC Quails Nest”. The pattern is a simple tungsten bead soft hackle tied on a jig hook, though the pattern can absolutely be tied on a conventional straight-shanked hook too. The fly is great for making use of upland bird feathers. Garrison is using bobwhite quail from last fall’s hunt, but ruffed grouse and dusky grouse feathers will also work well.

The fly is an attractor pattern, but performs especially well when a caddis hatch is about to pop. The “jig” arrangement of this fly makes it suited to tight-line nymphing, but it can no doubt be fished under an indicator.

Have a pattern and tying video that you'd like to share? Send an e-mail to [email protected] 

Tying Materials Needed: 

  • Hook: 450BL size 14
  • Bead: Tungsten Slotted 3.0mm
  • Thread: Brown
  • Tail: Bob White or grouse feather
  • Wire: Copper size BR
  • Body: Hare's Ear Dub
  • Thorax: Ice Dub "Pheasant Tail"
  • Hackle: CDC feather tan & Bob White or grouse feather

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