Friday Night Ties: How To Tie The "Chubby Chernobyl"

On this week’s episode of Friday Night Ties we’re sitting down with Backcountry Journal editor Zack Williams. Zack ties up one of his favorite patterns, the “Chubby Chernobyl”, a fly he particularly likes throwing to westslope cutthroat in the mountains of North Idaho and Western Montana.

The Chubby Chernobyl is a versatile pattern that can be tied in various sizes to represent everything from golden stoneflies to terrestrials like beetles, ants and grasshoppers. In this video Zack is using olive dubbing to mimic the Skwala stones that are hatching on the Bitterroot.  

Vary the style of the fly based on the hatch of the season, or tie up a few in pink or purple, which tend to work well as an attractor pattern any time of year but especially in late summer. Zack suggests tying the pattern in a sizes 4-6 when mimicking stoneflies and grasshoppers in summer, and in sizes 8-12 for spring’s Skwala stoneflies as shown here.

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Tying Materials: 

  • Hook: Size 8-12 dry fly
  • Thread: 6/0 olive (if possible)
  • Tail: pearl Krystal Flash
  • Body: olive dubbing
  • Legs: amber Sili Legs
  • Foam back: 2mm olive brown
  • Wing: gray poly yarn

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