RECAP: Turkey Learn-to-Hunt with MN BHA and The Trust For Public Lands

Forging New Traditions Through Unified Hunting Legacies


Who will safeguard our public lands, waters, and wildlife if they remain unknown?

The Minnesota Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BHA MN) is dedicated to educating Minnesota residents about our public lands and conservation efforts. One of the ways we can engage new audiences is through what is commonly referred to as R3 (Recruit, Retain, Reactivate) work. The chapter partnered with The Trust for Public Land (TPL) to host a Learn to Hunt Turkey event. The Trust for Public Land is a nonprofit organization committed to conserving land for public enjoyment, including parks, gardens, and natural spaces. Much like BHA, they strive to protect land from development, ensuring its accessibility to the public for recreation, conservation, and community benefit. This newfound partnership is dedicated to preserving access to and safeguarding our public lands in Minnesota.

Led by Keng Yang, a board member of our chapter, and Nick Bancks, Project Manager at TPL, the event aimed to connect everyone to the outdoors and foster inclusiveness, diversity, and representation across Minnesota's public lands. To achieve these goals, the approach was twofold: first, to target individuals from BIPOC and underrepresented communities, and secondly, to empower them to utilize public lands. Over the course of two months, 10 new hunters from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities completed their hunter safety and specific coursework, educating them on conservation and preparing them for an in-person mentored turkey hunt.

During the mentored hunt, these individuals were paired with mentors representative of the diverse backgrounds of mentees. The three-day mentored hunt commenced with familiarizing the new hunters with handling and shooting shotguns. Subsequently, the group rendezvoused at Beaver Valley Creek State Park, establishing a base camp to pursue turkeys for the next two days. All hunts took place on public land in Southeastern Minnesota, showcasing properties acquired and transferred to the public thanks to The Trust for Public Land. 

Although no turkeys were harvested over the weekend, the event was a resounding success in raising awareness and educating participants about our hunting heritage on public lands. A central theme of the event was community and tradition. By bringing together a varied group of individuals, including mentors and mentees, we fostered an experience where traditions and values were shared and intertwined. This unity empowers us to collectively advocate for the protection and access to our public lands when needed.


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Minnesota BHA seeks to ensure our North American heritage of hunting and fishing in a natural setting on wild, public lands and waters through education, advocacy, and boots on the ground work.

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