Wyoming Chapter Leads Work Projects Across the State


IMG_1115.JPGOn July 12th the Wyoming Chapter led the 2nd annual Flat Creek Cleanup. This effort was organized by Wyoming Board Members Erik Kramer and Ross Crandall to cleanup the popular shooting destination. Erik and Ross organized a group of 8 individuals including Wyoming Chapter Leaders, BHA members, and supporters. Many of us enjoy the freedom we have to shoot on our public lands and we share in the frustration of seeing our favorite spots abused. Partnering with our public land managers, in this case the Forest Service, and mobilizing volunteers to clean up these areas helps build awareness and strengthen our sense of ownership as individuals and as a community.

These efforts are important not only for their direct impact, but because of their ability to mobilize communities to work together on behalf of our public lands in the near and long term. 


DSCN2080.JPGThis same weekend Wyoming Chapter Leader Megan McLean organized a group of 13 individuals to clear a 4 mile stretch of trail near Cody. The trail which follows Little Sunlight Creek had areas of blow down timber and dead fall which completely blocked the trail in numerous places. The group cleared trails using hand saws, and cross cut buck saws. Many of the members used their horses to ride in which made for pretty effective work. This was the first season that BHA has done a trail clearing at the Little Sunlight Trail but we hope to make this an annual event. This trail is used for accessing the backcountry and having the trail cleared benefits hunters, hikers, backpackers, trail riders and many other users. 

The Wyoming Chapter has led similar work projects in recent weeks and has more slated later this month. We need your help! If you'd like to support one of these projects or have a project in mind in your neck of the woods please reach out to us! You can find your local rep's contact info on our Wyoming Chapter Page.


Thank you to all of our volunteers!



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