Chapter Board

Richard Martinez


Richard Martinez has been a volunteer with BHA since 2018 and currently serves as the chapter Chair. A lifelong outdoor enthusiast and Gladesman, Richard is passionate about the Everglades and is an advocate for restoration. Richard has been a guest on The Hunting Public and Meateater Podcasts and is featured on Meateater season 12. 

“Exploring the Everglades and it's unique subtropical habitat has been one of my life's greatest passions. Inspired by the recreational opportunities on public land here in South Florida, I have developed a deep appreciation for it's distinct ecology. Unfortunately this rare ecology and access to it are under constant threat. BHA represents to me an opportunity to defend these wild places with the support of a group I can confidently call my tribe.”


David Rodriguez

My name is David Rodriguez and I’m an outdoorsman. My love for the outdoors began when my parents took me to Yellowstone as a child and grew through being a cub scout all the way to becoming an Eagle Scout. I’m an avid fisherman and got into hunting in my 20’s while working at Bass Pro Shops. I love to fish, spearfish, hunt, backpack, and camp and have also mentored many friends of mine to fish and hunt as well, sharing my passion. I’m currently the regional sales manager for Wynwood Brewing Company in Miami, am married with three kids (two daughters, 13 and 8 years old and my 14-month-old son) and have a cat named Lt. Dan.

Adam Steele

A passion for food and culinary arts lead Adam to a profession in artisan butchery. Having mastered the craft of skillfully processing whole animals, he enhanced his reputation as a noted salumist. In addition to traditional charcuterie, Adam has developed a specialization in curing wild game. His devotion to food, especially wild game, has allowed him to better understand natural resources and waste as it relates to wildlife and the landscape.

An affinity for the outdoors lead to an early life of skiing, climbing, hunting and foraging in western Colorado and the development of an ethos reflected the Leave No Trace outdoor ethic. As a volunteer with Backcountry Hunter & Anglers, Adam’s culinary talent was instrumental in raising over $2,000 to benefit public lands. Adam is proactive in his relationship building with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and was an advocate to include hunting in the Florida Bear Management Program. He was instrumental in the successful completion of a service project benefiting the St. Johns Water Management District and participated in the Gobblers & Garbage Initiative leading to the removal of over a ton of garbage from Florida public land.

Adam is a member of Ducks Unlimited, United Waterfowlers of Florida and the National Wild Turkey Federation. He is certified by 2% for Conservation.

Volunteerism has always been a part of Adam’s life. He’s assisted numerous people become involved in the outdoors, mentors at least one hunter each season and is trained as a wilderness first responder.

Mark Barton


Mark Barton is the Membership and Fundraising Chair for the FL Chapter, focusing his efforts on facilitating chapter growth and creating the infrastructure for event planners to raise funds for the chapter and organization as a whole. Like much of the world, Mark comes from a long line of people who believe meat magically appears in the grocery story. Without any family or friends to teach him, he struggled to learn to hunt on his own, and didn't take on the challenge until his late 20s. After realizing that most hunting media does not apply to the habitats he was hunting in South Florida, Mark started to adapt his own strategies which was quickly followed by success. In an attempt to increase hunter recruitment in Florida, Mark co-founded the Swamp N Stomp Youtube Channel, which is dedicated to providing Florida-relevant content to help newcomers get the running start that he never had. In his everyday life, Mark is a fish research biologist/ecologist. He received his Bachelors of Marine Science at Florida Gulf Coast University, followed by a Ph.D studying Arctic nearshore fish in Alaska at Florida International University. He now resides in Miami, FL studying fish communities in the Greater Everglades Watershed. When Mark is not volunteering, working, or hunting and fishing, he enjoys thinking about hunting and fishing, and when he will hunt or fish yet again...

Brandon Paris

Brandon Paris is the Social Media Chair for the Florida Chapter. Born and raised in North Florida, he spends most of his time hunting whitetails, small game, chasing Osceola Turkey in the Spring. In the Summer Months, he can be found angling Largemouth Bass or Panfish from his Kayak or Skiff Boat. From Public Land Archery Tent Camping with his brother to recreating in the outdoors with his Wife and Children, Brandon’s devotion to exploring and protecting wild places is not only driven by a sense of self-gratification but by the altruist desire to share those places with the ones he cares about and future generations to come. Brandon also proudly serves in the Florida Army National Guard. 

Nick Prusinowski


Nick has been a BHA member and volunteer since 2019. He currently serves on the Florida Chapter Board as the Membership and Fundraising Chair.
As a native of South Florida he grew up camping and fishing, but never had any exposure to hunting. Later in life he developed an interest in the pursuit of  wild game, which led him to public land.
He began exploring his local WMAs and was in complete awe. He quickly fell in love with the beauty of Gods creation, and the virtually endless outdoor adventure that was accessible to him. As he learned more about the challenges our lands are facing he knew that he needed to get involved. He chose to join BHA because they represent the continued advocacy for the preservation and access to these public lands.

Eliot Silbar


Eliot Silbar serves as the Treasurer for the Florida Chapter. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Eliot grew up along a creek on the St. Johns River and spent his youth fishing on his family boat. Eliot worked in the machine shop at the University of Central Florida and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Physics. After moving to Texas for his career in the R&D department of a semiconductor manufacturer, he tried archery for the first time and discovered a love for the precision that only an arrow in a bullseye can offer. He now resides in Orlando, FL, where he spends his free time exploring nearby public lands. The challenge of hunting along with an appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of Florida's wilderness drives him to perfect his skill and protect the lands so vital to the sport.