Fall 2019 Kansas Chapter News

Kansas chapter of BHA is official! The North American board approved our chapter application in May after a lot of effort by a lot of people. Kansas is now part of the fastest growing conservation group in the world!

Several members of the Kansas chapter attended Rendezvous in Boise, ID. As part of Rendezvous, two days of chapter leadership training was offered and attended. This training addressed everything from the logistics of running the chapter to effectively hosting events and addressing legislative issues. The training will be put to use by chapter leadership as we execute our role in Kansas as the voice for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife.  

By the time this write-up is published, Kansas will have hosted six pint nights, , attended several events centric to our cause and completed our first chapter Beers, Bands and Public Lands event at Tuttle Creek Reservoir.

The Kansas board continues to work with the KDWPT on several efforts including: R3, Pass It On, Walk-In Hunting Access, and a collaborative, multi-agency effort to gain access to a large ranch owned by a municipality.

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