Faces of BHA: Brad Nicol

he following is part of a series of posts which highlight the lives of the boots-on-the-ground members that make-up Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

Brad Nicol, Age 30, Denver, CO

Brad nicolWhat’s your favorite style of hunting or fishing?

Avid Fly-fisher. Love to tie my own flies and stalk fish across the country.

What do you do for a living?

Architectural Photographer.  *Editor's note- as a hobby Brad also puts his photography skills to use through Angler Images.

Why did you join BHA?  

I joined BHA to help protect our remaining backcountry areas. We need these areas to remain a part of our nation for generations to come. It is becoming tougher to find peace and solitude in our country and BHA is an organization developed to protect these values.

In what ways do you support BHA?

I have recently become a Watchmen for the Routt National Forest here in Colorado. My duties include meeting with the district ranger, staying up to date on the supposed actions in the forest, attending public meetings regarding the forest and working with my chapter co-chair to stay involved.

What’s your most memorable backcountry hunting or fishing experience?

Every time I go out I come back with something memorable.

What do you love most about the backcountry?

For me, the backcountry is a place to get away from the rest of life. Surrounding myself with the sounds of nature is one of the most relaxing experiences I know.  As John Muir put it “Every walk in nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

What friends and family members do you enjoy the outdoors with?

My wife is enjoying the outdoors more each day. My father is my best friend and tags along for a lot of the adventures. My lab Bella is always by my side outdoors.

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