Are you interested in learning about hunting but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you just want to get more involved with conservation? 

BHA has a campfire burning, and there’s a spot open just for you. Our public lands and waters are open to every American, and this year, we’re going to bring the backcountry experience to an urban area near you!

These lands and waters fill our lives with adventure and solace. As hunters, the landscapes we explore enrich our outdoor experiences and our relationships with wildlife. Let us help get you safely outdoors. We're ready to help you find your community, get involved with conservation...and harvest your own wild food. 

Come join us around the campfire...and let’s throw another log on. 

Learn more and find an Explore Hunting workshop in 2022 near you!

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BHA is a grassroots, nonprofit conservation organization with chapters across North America. We focus our efforts on keeping public lands and waters public, bolstering access to our lands and waters, ensuring we have quality fish and wildlife habitat and upholding fair chase hunting and angling ethics. You can learn more about us here!