Eukanuba and BHA Launch Corporate Partnership

Eukanuba believes in helping dogs go further and achieve peak performance – all on North America’s expansive public lands and waters

MISSOULA, Mont. – Eukanuba and Backcountry Hunters & Anglers have launched a corporate partnership that will advance both Eukanuba’s and BHA’s work in support of public lands and waters, public access opportunities and ethical practices afield.

Eukanuba believes that inside every dog is an extraordinary athlete. For 50 years, Eukanuba has used the power of nutritional science to fuel dogs’ athletic abilities and unleash their full potential. The company is focused on proven nutritional science. When it comes to dogs’ sole source of nutrition – what they eat every day – Eukanuba believes that dogs’ needs should always come first.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy, well trained sporting dog hitting his mark on a crisp morning in an expansive, outdoor space,” said David Everson, chief marketing officer of Eukanuba and Royal Canin. “For over a half a century, Eukanuba has focused on providing premium performance nutrition for sporting dogs. To be at their best, these dogs need access to the open spaces and opportunities championed by Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. Eukanuba is proud to formalize our support of BHA, and we look forward to our partnership.”

BHA likewise welcomed the opportunity to partner with Eukanuba and work together on a shared vision for North America’s public lands.

“One of the constants in my life has been working dogs – more precisely, Labradors,” said BHA President and CEO Land Tawney. “From when I was a young lad in the duck blind to, today, chasing sharptails on the open prairie with my Lab Tule, I’d agree with David that watching a sporting dog do what they were born to do is a beautiful thing. I’m excited to partner with Eukanuba to uphold access to public lands and waters and the quality fish and wildlife habitat when we get there, thereby perpetuating the time-honored traditions we cherish far into the future.”

Eukanuba is a jazz term meaning “supreme” and symbolizes the company’s vision for next-level canine nutrition. A half-century after it was established, Eukanuba continues to work to uphold that vision.

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