Elk, Women, Horses, Yellowstone by Tory Taylor

This title is part of BHA's Jim Posewitz Digital Library: Required Reading for Conservationists


Every once in a while, I read a book that has the power to transport me somewhere else. Writing that is so vivid and emotionally compelling that I feel as though I am there. More than once, while reading Tory Taylor’s books, I have found myself deep in the backcountry, overlooking a meadow of horses or hot on the trail of an elk, only to be startled back to reality—warm in my bed, my black lab licking my face.

In Elk, Women, Horses, Yellowstone you’ll find a most beautiful collection of thoughts, journal entries, letters and poetry inspired by Tory’s time out west. Whether he’s talking about his bride and favorite hunting partner Meredith, writing letters to his friend Frank, recounting his walkabouts in the Gros Ventre or Winds or reminiscing about a horse packing trip in Yellowstone, it’s impossible not to be moved. Tory’s words encompass a strong hunting ethic, deep respect and admiration for his pack horses and a staunch love of public lands. If you’re itching for a book that’ll become a repeat reader, a book among the ranks of Desert Solitaire and A Sand County Almanac, I encourage you to pack this book on your next backcountry hunt or camping trip. You will be left feeling grateful and inspired.

“I hope the reader will travel through this book slowly. To really see and learn about the American West, a person must travel slowly by foot, horse, canoe, quietly and alone in order to hear the land’s voice. I would ask the reader to explore this tome as if from horseback—slowly, quietly.”

-Kylie Schumacher, BHA Collegiate Club Coordinator


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