Easton Karum and Ryder Jones

Oklahoma BHAer Easton Karum

Easton and his father, Oklahoma BHA Board Chair Josh Karum

The future of conservation lies in the hands of the next generation, and it’s been said that we are only one generation away from losing everything that we and our forefathers have worked to protect. Therefore, it's critical that we fully embrace the task of educating and engaging our youth. In today’s world, that can be a difficult task at best. So when 14-year-old Easton Karum 13-year-old Ryder Jones reported a man they witnessed netting bass off of their spawning beds — an illegal practice in Oklahoma — it made big news. It takes a lot of confidence and a strong understanding of right and wrong for two teenagers to confront a grown man breaking the law. The two boys not only confronted him but also filmed the encounter and turned the poacher in to the authorities. Poaching, no matter how big or small, affects us all. The vast majority of our hunting and fishing community would rather look the other way when witnessing illegal activity. Please join us in thanking Easton and Ryder for standing up for what is right and making change in our hunting and fishing community. We’d also like to thank Easton’s dad, Josh Karum Chair of the OK Chapter for raising ’em right!

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