Don Rank

A Pennsylvania tradition most people know about is that Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his burrow every Feb. 2 and checks for his shadow.

A lesser known Pennsylvania tradition happens annually just days later when BHA Chapter Chairman Don Rank emerges from his home near Philadelphia and travels to the state capital of Harrisburg to staff the booth for five of the nine days of the Great American Outdoor Show.

The shared experience of Phil and Don end there, as Don is neither photographed by the press nor hoisted aloft by men in stovepipe hats and tails. That would be fun, though!

But seriously, we would like to put a spotlight on Don’s commitment and service to the chapter and to BHA. For the last three years, he’s taken a week off from work and family every February and worked the Outdoor Show, talking to members, potential members and running the booth.

The GAOS is a heavy lift. It’s a nine-day show plus setup and take-down. Many hands make it work, but without Don’s commitment to the weekday staffing, it would be tough for the chapter to pull off.

While at the show, Don also makes time for meeting with state agency leaders, conservation partners and legislators. He also pays for all his own travel, hotel and meals.

One of the traits of a great leader is leading by example. Don does this many times throughout the year, but it’s most on display in February. Just like Punxsutawney Phil.

Thank you, Don, for all you do!

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